When tapped his forehead after Goyard bags, this strongly suppress their hearts throbbing with intense, With disturbed feelings move into this fast-learning classrooms for nearly a year. Three days of the course, students' academic original heavy, but at least in the Board of Education leaders who preach burden slogan or system to perform a weekend, but at this wonderful and rare holiday, Goyard outlet had to take a fundamentally non-original he has nothing to do, but very exciting task - a blackboard. Will not make this guy a blackboard excited, mainly a blackboard who played a great role in this. Oh, and do not think Goyard tote is a teacher in the eyes of a good student and a good boy, on the contrary, to the instructor, teacher groups throughout the three days of identification, the male students mediocre, although the general appearance is somewhat gentle, but it is a completely Lord stir up trouble. If not, head teacher at the class meeting angry when he woke up, if not a member of the class literary timely proposed a new phase of blackboard students, if not the study committee's proposal to let exaggeration Jian Zheng students have not had blackboard students as members of the literary assistant, maybe he would not have stood in the doorway at the moment Goyard bags this classroom and saw the familiar figure of beauty. Wearing a white skirt, upper body a long-sleeved T-shirt green graceful body was standing on a stool efforts sketched on the blackboard, then, that a black beautiful hair loose down until the back, although invisible front appearance, but it was enough to bring Goyard enchanted.

Goyard tote, literary Six junior members, recognized throughout the middle school level beauty school beauty. Oh, with Goyard bags words, if you want to describe the beauty of young girls, adolescent girl or to use the title of the job. Called beauty? More tacky! "Well, Keke ......" Goyard outlet cranky from the brain, the courage to cough a few times, the first time took classes toward a beautiful classmate, "that Han Fang, Fang classmates ...... me, I reported. "finish the sentence, he immediately pinch his thigh, when the pain in the heart of hoarse grin fiercely despise their lot. Not that and took classes for a second? Although it is the first time, do not have a stuttering excited, right? Goyard outlet online trembling hear spoken words, in fact, already standing behind him and saw that bit "DAI" Niutou Zhao he looked hint of sweet smile, "You come to pull, Van classmates." The so-called beauty smile Allure pour another country, Goyard tote despise not emerge from their cases, but re-entered the shocked state. US ...... it is so beautiful! Goyard bags although only just a sixteen year old girl, but they were already Chula decent, handsome, pleasant, matched her smile, make male hormones undoubtedly have increased, captivating powerful skill. See the look of shock appearance Goyard bags for sale, Goyard bags online smile Qiaolian immediately pulled down, quickly turned some angry, barely a low voice, "Van students, you're late." "Uh ...... what, traffic jam a. "Xiao is this guy lied to a teacher too many times, and sometimes are powerless to change the mouth. In desperation, he only ran to the next board, embarrassed smiles, "In fact, the home alarm retired, overslept." in the heart lamented the sentence, such a pretty girl does not own a pity ...... "Puchi ......" Goyard outlet just still trying to ponder it, hear Goyard outlet say these words, suddenly could not help but smiles tenderly aloud. "Goyard bags, you are not talking about yourself ah?", "How could I be poor, but also be able to answer just throw a few coins, and the class of dead fat man, but even that will not throw a coin in the main." Goyard handbags pick eyebrow Road, "Last diagnostic tests, he asked how the test Goyard bags for sale, Goyard outlet online store perfunctory probability B maximum sentence of choice, the results you guessed how? he actually wrote all B, this also is not he more topics in actually written, BBBB ...... "" Poof ...... "Goyard tote just hold back the laughter, the result was almost laughed out, and hurried to a small hand covered Qiaolian, flushed

"You pretty honest." Goyard bags hear honest account, it does not blame him. For these poor students to Goyard bags online, the late and leaving early is normal, and besides, she was such a good student off what? This is what she would have been on the blackboard of a person's task, Goyard outlet say it nicely, is assistant, said bluntly on a odd jobs there and no, I really do not have much relationship. Goyard tote do not think so, in his eyes, along with a blackboard and can crush awaited took classes Goyard bags for sale, certainly much better than shopping with dirt bitch, but at least the next premier of great beauty. So, for this can enjoy the beautiful flowers of the motherland task, he is definitely not stingy with her physical strength. Move the table, clean the blackboard, draw lines, these menial work so hard he did it this way, even the side of a busy newspaper are satisfied nod. Goyard outlet industrious impression, really let her poor health have a new understanding. But, if and when she knew this kid so hard to please her completely, what do you think would be ...... blackboard that is hard to say simple is not simple. For Goyard bags, it's like the sky without difficulty, but for such learning to elite, it is simply some outrageous. This does not, just before half time, the basic blackboard content would have been all this rectangle appears on the blackboard, neat handwriting, beautiful patterns, Goyard tote could not help but nod praise. Goyard bags patted the little hands contaminated with chalk, sitting on a chair rest will. When she saw the look carefully stop staring at the blackboard, could not help laughing, "the students, what are you looking at?"

"Me? I found and exploration ah." Goyard bags no turned, still staring at the blackboard to see a non-stop. "Discovery and exploration?" Goyard outlet under some little shocked, said, "This is what the board of discovery and exploration?" Goyard bags online turned round, very serious, "I would like to explore next, this black piece of blackboard, why you write these words, the blackboard to become so neat? I want to find and Reflections, why I write the word on the blackboard before, just like ghosts draw earthworms paste it ...... "" Puchi ...... "Goyard tote hear the words, suddenly smiles tenderly out loud, "You're very funny, originally wanted to make my ass ah?" laughed see Goyard bags for sale, Goyard handbags also followed giggle or two, "which are you saw it, really high ah. "Goyard handbags hear the sound of the words, Goyard bags was another chuckle," I do not see that you had such a tease. "" Oh, you think I had is how one person? "Goyard outlet think we must build on the progress that To be honest, he and Goyard tote full three years, and we have had no opportunity to have words with her so much. Think of the most previous one, probably two days grade English class, they were named to read a conversation, the light that once, let him full on the United States for a long period of time. Women like Goyard bags, from the first to start a deep love, but it has no chance she did not dare to tell the truth. As a result he is ignorant, poor health teacher at heart slovenly, and secondly, to compare his home and family, which is a huge gap but also make him feel simply unrealistic. But after all the feelings of affection, which Pathwalker to about their emotions, is very difficult. So over time the level will be on the school beauty students took classes had a crush on emotions.

Goyard outlet some slightly hesitated, she obviously did not expect such a glib to Goyard bags online boys will suddenly say so much philosophical discourse, not help feeling some admiration. But she retorted, "But, on the university, will have a better life ah. You can not do this truth, do not you have no ideal it?" "How a man ah ......" Goyard outlet online store index finger resting on the cherry like a seductive pink lips, thinking hard about the next, somewhat embarrassed Road, "Before, we did not like how to get along, the problem I seem really could not answer." "Oh." Goyard handbags nodded his head, did not speak . "Are you angry?" Goyard bags let words hurt that self-esteem, quickly corrected himself and said, "is not in fact, I think you were very good, except for the poor performance of some ......, Goyard tote, why do you always have to skipping it does not make good reading? "" I? Oh, freedom lazy used to, anyway, was not going to the university entrance exam. "Goyard bags online comfortable leaning on a chair, looking out the window transmittance sunset lightly," to most far direction, even if the road confused; hold the greatest hope, even dead end; adhere to the will of the strongest, even Daoshanhuohai; prepare for the worst, even all over again for me, is all calm and peaceful life. "" Do not talk to me about ideal, quit. "here, suddenly laughed," a joke, in fact, ah, even if I wanted to work hard in school, are now simply too late. "" Why? As long as you want, there will be a miracle, why not try it? "Goyard outlet found himself on the front of the original absolutely no contact with the students gradually increasing with interest. "I have not heard a good start from the first lesson, you let me in three days last month's time had become, could you?" Goyard bags Here sigh of relief, stood up from his chair up call tone, "go home, dark."

Sunset, Goyard bags dragged his bike vintage bike accompanied Ms. Phoenix Goyard tote go on the road to leave the school. "Goyard bags for sale, I still think that if you work hard, maybe really be able to be admitted to an ordinary high school." Goyard handbags seem to have some give up, trying to persuade the. Goyard outlet helpless shrug, casual Road, "My mother is an ordinary mill worker, and I think my future will be the position of workers, then Qugelaopo, give birth to a son, then aged, uh ...... so, nothing Well really exciting is learning, are they not our people to play the material, read a vocational reluctantly became dawdle. "I do not know why, along with in-depth chat and Goyard tote, sense of inferiority bones gradually warming the heart of beauty in everyone, Goyard bags like just this beautiful delicate girl, but he did not really luxury that one day with her. Goyard outlet slightly frowned, she did not know why Goyard bags online beside dragging bike so not like a man, as motivated and ambition, but according to common sense that she did not work hard for this spirit stoop boys should be very disdain, but how Goyard handbags hear these words from his mouth, but it will make her feel faint sadness and depression, but did not feel that the exclusion from the heart. Goyard tote seemed not like to see him this theory, I thought to bring US Tonggui rare, at least get the happy point of it? So he quickly coughed, solemnly, "you know a student, grades every year countdown to the first, and often with a fight, according to the leaders of the teachers want to give the students a little nice end of the comment, it should be how to write it?" "ah?" Goyard bags do not know why suddenly ask this question, some strange look at him, dazed and shook his head. "This is not a simple, stable and the student achievement, strong hands chanting."

Goyard outlet online store this delicate nature of such a good student guy is extremely offensive, some subconscious fear went away smiling Goyard bags online looked down the other side, would like to take his body block a block. The more I see of her Goyard bags for sale really cute, this rogue door look for a job, they will be able to hide what is been trying to open? "Yo, boss, that pretty girl." Just when Goyard bags emotion, the roadside suddenly appeared a few yellowing head of a small youth, one of them smoking a cigarette, a look that riffraff rogue. "Hey, little sister, two of the affiliated junior, right? Hey, wearing a very pretty, ah, there is no interest to accompany my brother to shop?" Led by youth smoking his arrogant face, not looking toward the blow whistle. For this kind of old-fashioned beauty rogue molested actually broken bridge really too surprising, let him find it strange that these guys are not even in his two-stop Fan Ye did not recognize them, which somewhat beyond his the unexpected. See Goyard tote did not speak, that rogue impatient stare toward Goyard handbags get in the way his eyes, "I said brother, this is not what you fart, you go to the why why." "Goyard bags for sale, do not ......" rogue hear let Goyard bags get out, Goyard outlet suddenly scared little face pale, quickly shook his head, looking delicate and charming eyes, to say how much will be touching and moving. "That's what, my dear, let us say the brothers doing the doing, and I think we can go." Goyard tote smiled, one hand holding the bike the other hand grasp Goyard handbags little hands moved forwards around, in total disregard of the side of a small youth angry expressions, immediately after he steps out of the small channel, "a meeting with my hands and you ran, you know?" Although his hands were tightly to catch, but to hear his words angry moment vanished without a trace. She knew, Goyard outlet online which is trying to save her. But she still shook his head, "Goyard bags online, do not fight, fight bad ......" Goyard outlet some really speechless, "I said lady, who is a rogue ah, right fist rogue speak Do not also use textbooks? Hurry up, I practiced Wu, these guys are not my opponent, hurry! "Goyard bags see still standing refused to go, quickly pushes her bike down to the ground, turned around recoil back.